KMi is a Computer Science Research & Development Lab. We are a diverse, multi-national bunch who are passionate about what we do. We treat everyone as a valued team member, be they professors, researchers, post-grad students or other non-academic staff. We believe in research that has an impact in the real world with real users.

Taking part in a project will enhance your employability, develop computer science skills and/or provide a social benefit.

KMi invites applications from UK Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic applicants aged 16 to 20. You will carry out a short computer science project in KMi, lasting up to 6 weeks during June-August. The project may be conducted online, at the Open University campus or through a combination of both. While we appreciate applicants with existing computing skills, not all of our scholarship projects will require prior knowledge of programming. We value and promote theoretical diversity in computing.

The award will be based on an assessment of the project proposals by a selection panel.

An award winner will receive non-repayable funding grant of up to £4,000, which can be used for project costs or other living expenses. A payment schedule will be agreed which is appropriate to the needs of the awardee and their project.

An award winner will carry out their project under the mentorship of KMi Academic Researchers and/or PhD Students. The project findings will be shared with KMi, for example, by depositing a report in the OU's Open Research Online repository (ORO) or depositing data or code in the Open Research Data Online repository (ORDO).

Funds are limited, and no guarantee of an award can be made.

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