Project description
You will be working on the project “Caves & Waves: Quantification of the probability of induced seismicity associated with large-scale hydrogen storage in Dutch salt formations”, a project in the context of the challenges posed by subsurface storage as part of the energy transition. Induced earthquakes are among the biggest problems for subsurface operations. Small magnitudes have been reported regularly for current leaching and storage operations. The aim of the research project is to understand, analyse and quantify the mechanism behind these small events and asses the probability for induced seismicity associated with future large scale storage activities. At TU Delft you will work as member of the DARSim (Delft Advanced Reservoir Simulator) research group, led by dr. H. Hajibeygi, and in close collaboration with two existing projects related to simulation of non-linear rock mechanics. At SodM you will contribute to the assessment of technical reports and advices to the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy on operations in the Dutch salt formations.


We welcome all applicants from various engineering disciplines, particularly mechanical and geoscience and geoenergy engineering, as well as applied mathematics, physics and geophysics. Our strict requirement is that you must have strong scientific skills on computational methods, numerical analysis and programming. Candidates with a good background on non-linear rock mechanics and geomechanics will be preferred. Soft skills, including communication skills (both written and spoken English), knowledge of Dutch, public awareness and team player attitude, are very important.


Min €2811 - Max €4519

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