This PhD project is an exciting opportunity to undertake a soft robotics approach to address this research problem through our existing multi-disciplinary (Robotics, Biology, and Manufacturing) and multi-institutional (Leeds, Oxford, and Nottingham) collaboration. 

This PhD work will deliver breakthroughs in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), which is one of the government's 'eight great technologies' - with a clear focus on healthcare and interventional applications. Through this proposed interdisciplinary research, innovative and disruptive healthcare technologies will be delivered - in line with the UKRI Technology Touching Life theme. In addition, this PhD sits well within the remit of a number of EPSRC's themes including Healthcare Technologies. The research will leverage Leeds’ investment and expertise in healthcare innovation (e.g. UAF in Soft Robotics) and EPSRC, Government and NIHR research centres to best develop the device, maximise impact, and link with other researchers. Our Healthcare Mechatronics Laboratory in the new Bragg centre is fully equipped for soft robotics research to host this PhD in a state-of-the-art integrated facility, and the School’s EPSRC National Facility.

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